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An alpaca hike is like a little meditation


The alpaca hike

Especially the valuable wool is often a reason to breed alpacas.. In the farm store of Lahntal alpacas you will find many a product that was made from alpaca wool. Warm socks and fluffy hoods. But you can get much closer to the alpacas themselves here. Why not take a walk with these gentle and sensitive animals.

During the alpaca hike every hiker is entrusted with one of these adorable fuzzy heads. And then there is a short instruction: always hold the leash tight and step to the side of the road when the car approaches. Take the time to get to know the animal a bit before you give it a cuddle.

The alpaca tour can take between one and a half to three hours. This depends on the physical condition of the participants on the one hand and on the mood and appetite of the alpacas on the other. And there is never a guarantee for the latter. This is what makes these animals so interesting and exciting.

There are many good reasons to try an alpaca hike. Here are some arguments why alpacas are also good for humans.

An exercise of patience

Hiking with alpacas is a good exercise for your own peace and patience. These animals approach the hike quite relaxed. They have no dates in their calendar. And they are happy to pass this relaxation on to humans. When a lush meadow section lies before them, they also like to take a break to eat. This also means a real deceleration for humans. And when the third meadow comes, it can also mean the third rest. As a human being you will get used to this rhythm. Just take something of this serenity into your everyday life.

Train your laugh muscles

So please: if I want to train my muscles, then I prefer to go to the gym and not go on tour with alpacas. Sure, an alpaca hike will probably never become an Olympic discipline. It is not that exhausting. But did you know that laughing requires about 135 muscles? By comparison, only 10 muscles are used for squats. Alpacas offer much reason to laugh. That begins already with the very special appearance of these animals. They make funny noises and explore their environment in their very own curious way. So don't be surprised if you are on the alpaca tour with a permanent grin. Maybe your facial expression will come close to that of the alpacas?

Alpacas do not spit (or hardly at all)

Do not confuse alpacas with lamas. With the lamas you can very well experience a wet surprise. But the dainty alpacas hardly do this. The spitting is mainly used when it comes to the ranking between the animals. However, as an alpaca hiker you do not have to interfere with this.

Experience nature at the end of the world

The alpaca hike takes you through the hinterland. Here poppy fields, cornfields and forest tongues await you and then again more poppy fields. Hike with the alpacas through the Waldviertel like through the end of the world. Enjoy the silence and leave stress and hurry behind you. From time to time you might encounter a tractor. These tractor drivers are quite friendly fellows who know everyone here and of course are prepared to meet hikers with alpacas.

Acquire the trust of the alpacas

It is not so difficult to find the entry into hiking with the alpacas. The animals are calm and gentle and therefore also quite pleasant hiking companions. But they are also socially sensitive herd animals and they tend to flee from danger. Avoid jerky movements and shrill noises. Acquire the trust of the alpacas, then you can become best friends. This is a very interesting exercise.

Hiking without a goal

Alpacas do not want to break records, they do not set themselves goals. Take this attitude towards life and make the walk a little meditation. The alpacas will help you to do so.

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