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Canoeing on the Lahn – one of the most beautiful canoeing rivers in Germany


A nationwide survey has found out that the Lahn is the most popular canoe hiking river of Germany. In any case, we can also count it among the most beautiful canoe hiking rivers of all. On about 160 kilometers the Lahn is navigable all year round from the canoe station in Roth (near Marburg) to the mouth of the river Rhine near Lahnstein.

Beyond industry, road noise and urban centers, the canoe tour takes you along cultural sights through an ever-changing river course with gentle rapids. You can operate various locks by hand.

The canoe tour on the Lahn takes you to the university towns of Giessen and Marburg, to the residence town of Weilburg with its unique navigation tunnel, to the fortress of Runkel, the cathedral town of Limburg, to Diez, along the spa town of Bad Ems to the mouth of the Rhine at Lahnstein.

The canoe rental

If you love excitement, fun and adventure and also want to activate the lock yourself, then canoeing on the Lahn is certainly the right adventure for you. You will also love spending the night in an original Indian tipi. The canoe rental company on the Lahn has 30 years of experience as a tour operator for the whole Lahn valley. The company Kanutours Gießen as well as the company Lahn Kanu offer you - from different starting points - an optimally prepared canoe tour, which you may arrange individually. All starting points can be easily reached by train. For the arrival by car there are enough parking places available.

From the complete equipment, the detailed instruction in canoeing on the Lahn to the informative Lahn guide, which helps you with the orientation, the complete service covers all aspects of your Lahn tour. The return transfer of the canoes and your equipment at numerous exit points is also taken care of.

Various additional services round off the offer. First of all, the campground in Solms Schohleck is worth mentioning. Perhaps you prefer to spend the night in an Indian tipi? Then the camping site in Runkel offers itself. Here you spend the night in the tipi village directly on the banks of the Lahn. If you would like to spend the night in a comfortable hotel bed, then the 70 partner hotels in the Lahn Valley come into play. In this way, class trips, events or company outings with larger groups can also be realized without any problems.

The section between Odenhausen and Roth is closed on a length of eight kilometers every year between September 21 and April 30. This is because the "Obere Lahn" bird sanctuary is located here.

Canoeing on the Lahn with a social program

You want to spend an unforgettable day in the Lahn Valley?

This is how it could look like:

You arrive in the morning at one of the stations in the Lahn Valley. After a short welcome we will take care of the transport to the operation site on the river bank. Here you will get a comprehensive instruction in the art of canoeing: How to steer the canoe? How do you brake? Then comes the great experience: the unique trip through the fascinating nature along lovely little towns and villages. A highlight on the tour are the locks. You will receive an easy-to-understand route description. This ensures that you will find the agreed destination. Once there, a rich barbecue buffet awaits you. And then the service will provide transportation back to the starting point.

The basic service includes:

  • Fully equipped canadier
  • The life jacket
  • A waterproof pack sack
  • A waterproof barrel
  • The introduction to the art of canoeing
  • The delivery of the boats
  • The collection of the boats
  • The transfer of personnel

As additional services we offer

  • A barbecue buffet at the camping or tent sites
  • A barbecue buffet in the partner restaurant
  • A breakfast buffet at the campsite
  • A trip to the Paulaner beer garden
  • Packed lunch
  • A picnic in the nature
  • The pirate camp in Aumenau

Just get in touch with the service team. This way you can put together the right social program for your canoe tour.

Canadians and kayaks - what is the difference?

Both Canadians and kayaks belong to the canoes. You may know the Canadier as the well-known canoe of the Indians. In earlier times, these canoes were made of wood, nowadays they are also cast robust plastic. With the Canadier the so-called "Stechpaddel" is used. The blade of the paddle is pushed almost vertically into the water and then pulled backwards. As an open boat, the Canadier offers a lot of storage space and is therefore a good option for longer trips with luggage and the whole family. A Canadier is also characterized by good tipping stability. Two or three people sit in each Canadier. There are also slightly larger family canoes. These can seat up to five people (adults and children).

The Eskimos once traveled by kayak. The traditional kayak was made of whale bones and leather. The modern kayaks are made of plastic. In a kayak, you sit low in the boat. You move forward with a double paddle. Unlike the stand-up paddle, there is a paddle blade at both ends. Kayaks are built lighter, which also results in more dynamic maneuverability. On the other hand, kayaks have less storage space than canoes. Kayaks are especially suitable for day trips. Two people have room in a kayak.

Professionally equipped

Two different types of paddles are offered:

  • The stand-up paddle
  • The double paddle

With the stand-up paddle, you use a pommel for your hand and a paddle blade to transfer power to the water. Both elements are connected to each other with a shaft. The options available for the pommel are T-handle or spade handle. The stand-up paddle is used to propel a canoe. You stab the paddle almost vertically into the water and then pull backward. The length of a stand-up paddle is determined by the shaft length and the blade length. Which length suits you? There is a simple rule of thumb to follow here: If the paddle reaches about to the chin of a standing paddler, then it is the right length.

Double paddles are used to move the kayaks forward. Different strokes are available for this purpose. The double paddle uses a shaft with one paddle blade at each end. Modern paddles have a rotation of 45 to 90 degrees to each other for more ergonomic guidance. By the way, in the direction of the rotation it does not matter whether you are right-handed or left-handed. Handling these paddles is more a matter of getting used to them.

Of course, you will also be provided with the life jacket for your tour. This consists in the upper material of robust nylon. Various adjustment options ensure the safe and comfortable fit of the life jacket. You wear the life jacket over your other clothing. For canoeing on the Lahn river, life jackets are available in different sizes.

A tireless companion for your canoe trip is the pack sack. This one combines adventurousness with down-to-earthness. It has a reinforced bottom, which makes it particularly stable. With a practical roll closure and the simple stiffening bar, the pack sack is protected and kept dry. Due to the particularly strong fabric, the pack sack is very tear-resistant. A pack sack has the volume of about 60 liters.

Items that should not get any water at all are stowed in the canoe garbage can. This can be cell phones, but also the camera, wallet or keys. The barrel holds about 26 liters. Once closed, it is also waterproof. Important: Do not use the garbage can for liquid items. So sunscreen and bug spray have no place in the garbage can. There is always enough air in the barrel. If you capsize, the barrel will float on the surface of the water.

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