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Experience a special city tour through Giessen


The tourist department of Giessen Marketing GmbH has been responsible for the city tour of Giessen for more than 25 years. Not only the most obvious sights are presented, but also the special features which otherwise sometimes remain hidden. More than 100 city tours per year and a colorful variety of topics ensure that every interest group gets their money's worth. In 2018, around 2300 guests enjoyed a city tour of this kind.
Find your individual focus for the city tour. Perhaps you are interested in the history of the city of Giessen? Or maybe you are more interested in science? Or you would like to discover the rather unknown sights. 20 tour guides have the right highlights for every interest.
The city tours take place between the end of March and December. Perhaps you would like to take part in a guided tour of the weekly market? Or you prefer an experimental lecture like in Liebig's time? Perhaps the history of Schiffenberg monastery is also interesting for you? Whether history and culture or everyday and historic things, Giessen has so much to offer. The tour guides will be happy to advise you.
New themed tours are also offered again and again. For example, the topics "Street art meets city history", "Revolution in Giessen", "The stories of Giessen street names" or the guided tour to the "Whale of Giessen" are new in the program. Or follow the traces of Giessen's garrison history. Or visit the weekly market feeders.
With around 124 public tours, the Tourist Information has a great variety of views of Giessen to offer. If that is not enough for you: Various other institutions offer further city tours. There are, for example, the nature conservation walks offered by the Department for Environment and Nature. The Botanical Garden reports in its Sunday guided tours about the variety of current research in botany. There are also guided tours for families or adults in the forest garden at Schiffenberg. A look at the "City Tours" section on the website will tell you more. The printed program booklet is available directly at the Tourist Information Office at Schulstraße 4.

The stories of the street names

The street names of Giessen are the purest history book. What is hidden behind the "Teufelslustgärtchen"? On which street was the fool's house located? What does the "Seltersweg" have to do with wet feet? Get to know the history of Giessen through the street names. The guided tour through the streets, alleys and backstreets of Giessen is a great idea, for locals and tourists alike, to get to know the city. The guided tour takes about one and a half hours. It is barrier-free and begins at the "Drei Schwätzer", between Plockstraße and Seltersweg.

A scary city tour through Giessen

Death and devils and the executioners. What was actually going on in medieval Giessen? Why did people go to the executioner when they had a toothache? And when were the witches persecuted? Eerie legends and facts from the city's history about dungeons and robbers, about brazen boy pranks around the student prison await you in this city tour. The tour is barrier-free and takes about one and a half hours. Goose skin is included free of charge.

The city tour of the red light district

Lower Bahnhofstrasse also had a few stories to tell after 1945. With bars, brothels and many a tipsy guest, this corner of Giessen became "Shanghai an der Lahn". From the cinema to the Go-Go-Club, the lower Bahnhofstraße became the entertainment district of Gießen. And right in the middle was the „Pfälzer Hof“ from 1800. Get to know the history of the lower Bahnhofstraße on this city tour and take a look at this location, which has meanwhile developed into a gourmet mile. The barrier-free city tour is suitable for participants aged 16 and over and takes one and a half hours.

The classic city tour

Visit Giessen as a "living open-air museum". Experience the architecture of the 50s and 60s and take a look at the buildings of the late Middle Ages and the fortress period. The historical city tour offers you a cross-section of the most beautiful sights of the university town of Giessen. Meeting point for this city tour with a duration of 1.5 hours is the city church tower.

City tour at the old cemetery

For about 500 years the Old Cemetery has been the final resting place for many people from Giessen. But in the meantime it was also known as "Pestacker". Have a look at the graves of great personalities and experience the giant trees. The tour is suitable for families, school classes or people interested in history. A torchlight tour is also possible. The meeting point for this city tour is the cemetery chapel on Licher Straße. The tour lasts one and a half to two hours.

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