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Limes cycle path: up onto the saddle and into the Roman history


History lessons and a sporting challenge: that's what the Limes cycle path offers. If you enjoy cycling and are interested in Caesar & Co., the Limes cycle path is the right combination for you. The cycle path leads you along the former fortifications through four federal states over a length of almost 800 kilometers. Many signs inform you about the history of the Limes and keep you on course.

You can recognize the signs by their brown color, the logo of the club and the markings "D" and "L". This marking is uniform in all four federal states. The Limes cycle path takes you along well-maintained cycle and forest paths along the Limes-Road.

The cycle path leads you along the upper German-Raetian Limes past numerous sights from the time of the Romans. Admire reconstructed Limes watch towers and reconstructed forts. Discover rifle ranges and the ruins of Roman bathing facilities. You will encounter fortifications with ramparts, palisades and ditches. On the way you can of course make a stop at many a museum.

The towns along the route are also always interesting for a stopover. Here you can experience many a spa and recreation center. The Limes cycle path is very varied in terms of landscape. The cycle path leads you along the Rhine through the Rhine-Westerwald Nature Park, then through the Lahn Valley and the Nassauer Land. You cycle through the Rheingau-Taunus-Kreis and finally arrive at the Hochtaunus Nature Park. The tour then continues into the Wetterau, the Main valley and the Odenwald. Finally, the cycle path leads you through the Swabian-Franconian Forest and through the Swabian Alb. You then cycle on through the Rheingau-Taunus district to the Hochtaunus nature park and finally reach the Danube via the Altmühltal nature park.

Of course, the Limes Cycle Path also offers many a sporting challenge. After all, the Romans liked to construct their roads over a hill. But after all, that's what makes a cyclist's ambition, isn't it? You will always be rewarded for your efforts with great landscapes and cultural diversity. It is best to divide the whole route into smaller sections and plan the stops according to your mood and fitness. The villages along the Limes cycle route offer a variety of accommodation and good gastronomy.

From Heidenrod to Mainhausen by bike

The Hessian section of the Limes begins in Heidenrod and leads to Mainhausen am Main. Here, the Limes leads over forested heights in the Taunus mountains to the fertile Wetterau region. Here you will encounter 18 large and 31 small forts, as well as more than 200 watchtower sites along 153 kilometers. The state of preservation of the 153-kilometer-long route varies greatly according to the post-Roman use of the terrain. In the agricultural regions there is often not so much to see of the Limes, in the forests you can often still see the rampart and the ditches. Most of the watchtowers and forts can also be found here. The restored remains of the Limes can be seen again and again on the bike tour. Allow yourself to play with your imagination and take a journey through time into the life of the ancient Romans. Especially spectacular is the Saalburg. This castle was completely restored on the initiative of Kaiser Wilhelm II. Numerous new buildings have expanded the fort in the past decades and designed it as an archaeological park. The Saalburg lies in the Taunus mountains near Bad Homburg v. d. Höhe.

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