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The unique salt cave in Giessen strengthens and preserves your health


The salt cave Giessen

You can experience the regenerating and relaxing effects of salt in the unique salt cave in Giessen. The salt cave is located between Frankfurt and Marburg, almost in the center of Germany. Here you can get to know a completely new way to strengthen and maintain your health. Strengthen your immune system in a salt cave and experience a pleasant state of calm.

At the best temperatures you will find the desired peace and quiet in the comfortable deck chairs. No change of your clothes is needed to relax in the salt cave. The subdued light and pleasant sounds also help you to relax. With every breath you take, you absorb valuable trace elements and minerals in the pleasant atmosphere. Let go and your whole organism will enjoy this relaxation.

The visitor parking lots are directly in front of the house. Children are also very welcome in the salt grotto in Giessen. Some visitors to the salt cave are even younger than one year. Special sessions for children are available in the salt cave. With an excavator simulator and the petting zoo, the salt cave becomes a great experience for the younger generation as well.

Two methods of relaxation

Use two different areas for rest and relaxation. You can also combine both relaxation concepts. Appointments can be arranged directly with the operators of the salt cave.

Holistic relaxation in the salt cave

How can I actually imagine the salt cave in Giessen? First of all, the salt cave is a relaxation room. The inner walls and the floor are made of 21 tons of Himalayan salt. Fascinating color and light impressions are created by indirect lighting of the salt walls and the floor. Here optics, music and light have an effect on your body, mind and soul. In addition, you can snuggle up in the exclusively produced Dagrewa cuddly blankets and experience a feeling of peace and security. Perhaps you will even succeed in getting a taste of deep relaxation?

The course of a session

Allow about 45 minutes for a session. The session always starts on the hour. Seats are limited, so advance registration is recommended. It is best to arrive at the entrance 15 minutes before the session starts. The start of a session always starts on time, a late entry into the session is unfortunately not possible since this would not be fair to the other guests.

For you, the feel-good experience does not require much effort. You wear an overcoat for your shoes, otherwise you remain dressed in your everyday clothes. It is absolutely not difficult to relax in the salt cave. The dimmed light, comfortable deck chairs and soft music will help you do so. There is also a play of light that will help you forget about everyday life and give yourself completely over to visual stimuli. Thanks to an air conditioning system, the pleasant room temperature of 18 to 20 degrees Celsius is guaranteed.

The music and the harmonious play of light in natural colors will lead you into a state of deep relaxation. And in the end, of course, out again. The changing colors and pleasant light have positive effects on your emotional and mental state. 45 minutes in the salt grotto and thanks to the air enriched with salt ions you will feel strengthened for the rest of the day and the tasks ahead.

The brine atomization chamber

A velvety fine mist is produced by the ultrasonic nebulizer. This nebulizer has a medical approval. The mist contains particles that can and should penetrate deep into the respiratory tract. The human skin is also able to absorb the pleasant mist. In the ultrasonic nebulizer, an ultrasonic oscillator atomizes the contact liquid in the transducer into aerosol particles with a size of 0.5 to 5 microns. Crystal salt in its natural form is used here. Minerals and trace elements are preserved in this way.

The course of a session

Each session lasts 20 minutes. The session starts at the full or half hour. Pre-registration is required since space is limited. It is best to report to the entrance area 15 minutes before the session. Unfortunately, it is not possible to join the session at a later date.

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