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The Wieseckaue City Park is a place of encounter in Giessen


The Wieseckaue city park has a lot to offer

The largest green space in Giessen is located in the middle of the city: The Wieseckaue city park is a meeting place for people from Giessen and guests of the city. The park is a recreation area and a place where people can exercise and be active in sports. The city park is wonderful for a leisurely walk or for daring exercises in the skate park. There are swings for the children or the possibility to play boules. A tasty drink from the beach bar is always a pleasure. No matter what age: Wieseckaue city park has a lot to offer.

Experience the trail of nature in the science garden

The science gardens offer exciting insights from nature. Here you can get to the bottom of nature's processes and actively use the park. The science gardens regard themselves as a central contact point from the city center. Become a discoverer yourself and learn more about new dimensions. Reality can be an exciting adventure.

Fascination of water

You can also take a stroll through the wet elements in the Wieseckaue city park. In the middle of the 35-hectare park is an almost 6.4-hectare pond. Spaciousness and smallness meet here. Here you will experience light and dark places. This is where swans and the stream of the city park meet. The banks of the waters invite you to relax and recuperate. Strictly speaking, the pond consists of two parts: The big new pond has a peninsula and in the south you will find the smaller pond. The pond blends perfectly into the surrounding landscape. The shore zones are partly lined by reed beds and are considered important breeding and retreat areas for various rare animal species. These plants were once specifically planned by garden architects and designed by landscape gardeners. So what grows in the Wieseckaue city park was not all dictated by nature.

Pleasures at the beach bar

In the summer months you can enjoy a cooling drink at the beach bar. Here you can sit down on a deck chair and forget the daily routine. The beach bar is under the open sky and is therefore only open in good weather.

An excursion to the spring garden

The Wieseckaue city park also has a classical sunken garden, a sight rarely seen in other parks. Especially because of the difference in height between the Ringallee and the new pond, the Quellgarten offers much cause for amazement. Here, the garden space shows itself in the interplay between open and closed dynamics. The Salix alba "Liempde" silver willows with their unique conical crowns form the crown of the garden. Perennials and grasses adorn the watercourse. Especially between spring and autumn you can observe the lively play of colors.

The skate park and the playgrounds

The park has also a lot to offer to the younger visitors. On the free meadows they will find plenty of space to romp, play and experience many adventure. Take a journey into the world of the discoverer Alexander von Humboldt on one of the four playgrounds. Young people love a trip to the new skate park. Whether bowls or skate rounds, there are many opportunities to strengthen your own fitness and to also get to know your personal limits. The sky swings are a bit quieter. And you can satisfy your need for lively conviviality by playing boules.

The park and its history

The Wieseckaue city park sees itself as a green oasis in the heart of the city of Giessen. At the State Garden Show (Landesgartenschau) 2014 the park became a core zone. But the origins of the Wieseckaue city park go back much further. As a matter of fact you need to go back to the 1930s. During this time, the swan pond was created with a length of 640 meters and a width of 60 meters. This was done precisely and in a straight line, just as it corresponded to these times. The facility was then considerably expanded in the 1960s with a view to the Hessentag in 1969. During that time, the 6 hectare large new pond with its S-shape was also created. The playful spaciousness of this area is still the focus of the park today.

The sponsoring association

Dedicated citizens of Giessen have come together in the "Förderverein Gartenstadt Gießen" to actively support the preservation and design of the park.

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