Partnerships need fair rules (General Terms and Conditions – GTC)

To have a mutually beenficial agreement ....

we need the signed reservation confirmation sent back to us in a timely manner. For company bookings we also ask for the company stamp on the second page.

we require that you provide the list of names of your overnight guests two weeks in advance in order to guarantee an easy and smooth check-in..

we look forward to constructive feedback in order to continue developing and perfecting our services.

please observe the following cancellation conditions:

Group bookings or conference events in Giessen:

  • 100% of the reserved nights can be cancelled free of charge up to 4 weeks before beginning arrival date
  • 31-5 days before arrival (not including day of arrival) = 40% of the booked reservation costs apply
  • 4-1 day before arrival (not including day of arrival) = 80% of the booked reservation costs apply
  • On the day of arrival = 100% of the booked reservation costs apply 

For company reservations on a self-payer basis:
If we receive incomplete information from the overnight guest, we will charge any cancellation or no-show fees to the ordering contract partner.

Individual reservations:
Cancellation is possible free of charge if made prior to two days before date of arrival. If cancelled after that the cancellation fee of 90% of the booking will be applied. Generally a cancellation is considered valid when you receive our cancellation confirmation.

We pride ourselves in high standards of preparation and the ability to offer the highest level of deliverable quality. Because preparation requires the purchasing of goods, which is adjusted and customized according to the booking situation, we reserve the right to include the booked breakfast in the cancellation costs in the event of a short-term cancellation.

Please note:
A cancellation or change must always be made in writing.
For bookings with individual agreement/s, generally 90% of the booking price will be charged as cancellation costs..

Our invoices are due and payable 14 days after issue and without adjustments.

Hotel Alt Giessen GTC 01/2021