Hygiene concept in our hotel

When am I able to check-in?

Since your well-being and health are our main concerns and definitely a matter of heart, certain containment measures in regard to Covid 19 have become necessary in all departments of our hotel. An important component are our hygiene regulations, where the cleaning of the rooms may now take a bit longer than before. Due to that circumstance the official check-in time may not be always granted and can be a bit delayed. We do appreciate your understanding and cooperation in regard to that matter.

Is there anything to consider when checking in at the hotel?

You will still receive the hotel key at our reception desk, where a transparent plexiglas wall protects our guests and our reception desk team at the same time. The hotel room keys are appropriately disinfected before they are handed over and will be placed on the counter for your comfort. This also applies to the pens that are used at check-in.

What do I have to consider when I arrive at the hotel?

We take the requirements of the legal measures and recommendations of the health authorities very seriously, which is why we have defined and adapted the necessary processes. In addition, we have drawn up a detailed Covid 19 action plan with the help of our internal team. Our team will immediately familiarize you with the rules of conduct and is always there for you if you have any questions. Creating those special „WOW“ moments in our hotel for you and your fellow travelers is still our absolute matter of heart as your hosts. Despite the distance regulation, our team will accompany you at all times with warmth and competence through your well-deserved stay with us. We are happy to inform you about our Covid 19 measures on our homepage, in the hotel and also a few days before arrival by email.

Do I have to wear a mouth and nose protection in the hotel? In which areas is that necessary?

We recommend that you wear a face mask in our public areas. As soon as the minimum distance of 1,50 meters cannot be maintained, you are obliged to wear a face mask. In our breakfast room, the distance between the guest parties is maximized as much as possible. Accordingly, you can do without your mouth and nose protection here.
To protect our guests and employees, our employees are equipped with face masks or with a plexiglass wall at the reception desk.

What should be paid attention to in the breakfast room?

We welcome our house guests at their time of reservation for breakfast, which we ask for upon arrival. Please wait tob e seated with the necessary distance in front of our entrance to the breakfast room.
We happily accompany you to your table. Our team wears a face mask for your and its safety. Nevertheless we still would love to give you a smile from the bottom of our hearts even though you cannot see it at that time. We hope you feel it though.
Please note that we are only allowed to seat a maximum of 10 people at one table.

Can we guarantee a safe distance in the hotel?

The safety distance is taken into account in our Covid 19 action plan and clear guidelines are defined in that regard.

What do I have to consider when traveling with family / couple of friends?

In principle, the statutory provisions also apply in that case in the hotel, which means that as long as distance rules apply to people who do not live in your household, these should also be observed during your stay with us.

What do I have to consider because of the corona virus?

Please bring your own face mask with you. If you have forgotten your face mask, we do offer disponsable face masks upon request at our reception desk. Please disinfect your hands when entering and leaving the hotel and our breakfast room.
We do ask guests that are sick not to travel/arrive according to the legal requirements.

Can I pay with cash at the hotel?

Payment with cash is possible, but we do recommend paying by card.

What hygiene measures do we takt to prevent the virus from spreading in the hotel?

We have implemented comprehensive guidelines for the highest hygiene standards in all areas of our hotel. Before your arrival our rooms are disinfected with the special disinfectant Hydroxil by the company Aqua Elektra (it contains sodium hypochlorite – made from sodium chloride by means fo electrolysis – and is free of alcohol).
Door handles, light switches, etc. are also constantly disinfected in public areas. Our team is continously trained to comply with these standards. Compliance with the guidelines is also constantly checked by the team leader responsible for this.

General information on the currently applied sales tax reduction

In contrast to other industries, the lost sales in our industry cannot be made up again at a later time. The current lowering of the sales tax is an encouraging signal. It gives us the urgently needed room for maneuver for more investments, as well as securing and creating jobs in difficult times. We use the saved sales tax to implement the significantly increased hygiene standards, which entail the new documentation and registration obligations, in order to at least compensate a little for the massive sales losses due to the Corona requirements.

Please stay healthy and have a wonderful stay with us

Your Hotel Alt Giessen team