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Hotel operation in Corona times


Special situations require special action. An exceptional situation can be understood as a burden or a special challenge. Of course, this also applies to the current time of the Corona crisis. How is hotel operation possible in these days? Which special measures have to be initiated? How can our guests be protected?

The Hotel Alt Giessen has decided on a variety of consistent measures to counter this new situation.

Hygiene in hotel operations: Now even more important!

Hygiene begins with the hotel key. Every hotel key is disinfected immediately after return. Each hotel guest is thus provided with a virus- and germ-free hotel key. Our employees wear protective gloves both at check-in and during the entire breakfast period.

Certainly we have also thought of other little necessities. After all, what about the pens you can use at the reception desk? We also disinfect them after use. Surely you are used to the fact that the cutlery is openly available for self-service for every guest? Unfortunately this is no longer possible in Corona times. Your cutlery is now handed out directly to you by the hotel staff (who wear protective gloves). It goes without saying that our staff regularly washes their hands before starting work and during work.

Cleaning the premises

You decide whether and how often the room where you stay should be cleaned. We can arrange this individually with you at check-in. When a guest leaves, the departure room is completely and professionally disinfected by our housekeeping. Only after an elaborate hygienic procedure the room will be passed on to the next guest. The door handles in the corridors are also disinfected several times a day by the hotel staff and the housekeeping. Our housekeeping staff washes their hands carefully after each cleaning of a room.

Which disinfectants are used in our hotel operations?

During the Corona crisis, the Hotel Alt Giessen focuses on biodegradable disinfectants. We use here:

  • Vinegar cleaner
  • Orange cleaner
  • Lemon cleaner
  • Soda cleaner

It is above all the antiviral effect of these cleaning agents that makes them so valuable for hotel operations in times of crisis. Especially when other disinfectants have become a scarce commodity.

Disinfectants, like orange oil, also have positive effects on the soul and body of humans. For example, orange oil is said to have an antispasmodic effect. Stress sensations can also be reduced with the help of orange oil. At the same time, it can help to increase the feeling of well-being. Quite a few people also report a calming effect. Orange oil is also used for its skin tightening properties. For example, as an active ingredient against aging skin or also against acne. In small dosages orange oil also has a regenerating and caring effect. Also the astringent (astringent) effects make the orange oil so valuable.

And in these days especially important: Orange oil is considered to be disinfecting, antiviral and antibacterial.

Additional current hygiene measures

Our employees receive intensive training. The room check and the final check are carried out by the management of the house. 

For the disinfection of the rooms we use the disinfecting agent Hydroxil. The disinfectant HYDROXIL from the company Aqua Electra is an electro-activated water, which is produced in addition to water from salt and electricity in a patented process. As a hygiene concept it offers a high material compatibility for surfaces and leaves no residues after disinfection. It works without alcohol against 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. And these are the characteristics of Hydroxil:

  • Alcohol-free disinfectant - laboratory tested and certified
  • BAuA listed N-95701 (Federal Office for Occupational Safety and Health)
  • Without alcohol and therefore not flammable
  • Gentle to all surfaces
  • Dermatest April 2020 "very good"
  • Without additives, without colorants and fragrances, no danger signs

Hygiene and disinfection: For our hotel guests

Also for our hotel guests the hotel accommodation in times of Corona is without doubt a special challenge. The Hotel Alt Giessen therefore relies on distinctive measures of hygiene and disinfection. In this way your stay at the hotel should be as pleasant and safe as possible in these times.

We would be happy to talk to you at check-in about your very individual requirements and needs for a pronounced hygiene during the Corona crisis.

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